A tireless commitment in the planning and realization of new and sophisticated machinery for the different production areas has allowed C. Curvati to achieve an extremely rational manufacturing line that follows a logical sequence from the raw material to the finished product. Moreover, to assure an absolutely regular and constant workflow, special areas have been provided for the temporary storage of the material in process.

The sliced veneer sheets, subject to careful checks before entering production, are moulded by means of high-frequency gluing presses which catalyse the E1 class resins with low formaldehyde content to create a solid long-lasting product.

After, the cutting and contouring operations are carried out according to the sample, the T-nuts are inserted into the curved plywood; this is the true strong point of the C. Curvati brand quality: this phase, carried out by means of execlusive operative systems developed within the company, consists in the insertion of the threaded T-nuts which will later support the plate, the accessories and adjustable mechanisms. As the T-nuts are positioned with millimetric precision and perfect 90° perpendicularity, they allow the customer to save on time and cost of chair assembly.


Each C. Curvati product is labelled with the logo of the company, the production year and the lot number. All the production data are saved in files. The curved nailed plywood pieces are simple and essential products, but at the same time they are the supporting structure of seats with a high economic value and image. This requires being able to identify the necessary elements in order to respond immediately to any customer requirements, using this traceability system and the material request process.